Quin Media Arts & Sciences Inc. ("QMAAS") is a Vancouver-based art, design and engineering firm founded in 2004 by Roderick Quin, master sculptor and inventor of the Ombrae artistic medium.

Roderick Quin

For over 20 years Rod Quin has worked in the film industry as a sculptor, model-maker, mould-maker, technician, props builder, carpenter, draftsman, illustrator, artist, designer and art director. Rod's background has allowed him to experiment with materials and techniques unknown to traditional studio artists and given him the privilege of collaborating with technicians across many disciplines.

Rod is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute and the University of British Columbia where his interests included oriental landscape architecture, sacred architecture and scientific instrumentation. Rod also studied perceptual awareness of architectural space and the works of American minimalist artists including Richard Smithson, Richard Sierra, James Turrell, and Robert Erwin.

At QMAAS, Rod invented and perfected the Ombrae System of imaging that he now uses as the primary medium for his work. A sampling of Rod's work in film can be found at

Cameron Waldbauer

Cam is a principal at Objects Inc., a Vancouver-based special effects firm. Cam and his team have been behind many of the biggest special effects projects in Hollywood including the X-Men and Fantastic Four series. Cam is guiding the translation of the Ombrae System to different platforms, surfaces and industries.

Joseph Briante

Joseph's career as a lawyer garnered him a breadth of experience in advising technology companies on corporate transactions, licensing and intellectual property matters.  Joseph now provides business development and corporate strategy to QMAAS, helping steer the sales, marketing and licensing strategy of the business.  Joseph is also a writer and student of the science of creativity.